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All movies are assigned a rating by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).  [A description of what the ratings mean can be found here.]  After our processing removes objectionable content, we assign each movie a new "purified" rating.

MPAA ratings are rather broad.  We prefer a more precise categorization, so we divide each general rating into three parts - mild, medium, and strong.  We use a single graphic to show both ratings.  The following graphic is for the movie, "Law Abiding Citizen."  Its MPAA rating is "R".  The Purified version is a mild "PG" because of non-graphic violence.  It doesn't contain any profanity (including vulgarities), sexual content, or graphic violence.

Law Abiding Citizen Ratings

The following graphic contrasts the content of the movie versions. The categories are ranked between Low, Medium, High, and None.  Note that the Low, Medium and High rankings are relative within a given MPAA rating only.  For example, while a PG-13 film rated High for Profanity will have more objectionable language than another PG-13 film rated Medium in that category, it bears no quantifiable relation to movies with other MPAA ratings - like G, PG, or R.

Law Abiding Citizen Levels

To get an idea of how the ratings and content of various movies are changed by our service, scroll through the following list: 

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